Savings for a typical organizational restructuring

Cut project time by up to



Cut project size
by up to



Fit employees in preferred
positions by up to



Key capabilities

  • Design a new organization structure
  • Gather input from key stakeholders
  • Make staffing decisions based on complete information
  • Control the change process in order to meet strategic goals on time


Customer success story

Learn how COWI used OrganizationWeaver for their organizational change project

  • Simple to implement, simple to use
  • High quality results
  • Met an aggressive timeline

Optimal Organization Changes


OrganizationWeaver can help you address one of the most important challenges related to organizational change; engaging employees in the process while building and staffing the revamped organization quickly. The quicker you can finish the reorganization process, the quicker you can focus your attention on meeting strategic goals.

Organization restructuring

Post Merger Integration

OrganizationWeaver is a comprehensive solution that minimizes the problems that you'll encounter while your organization and employees are going through the transformational changes of a post-merger integration.

Post-merger integration

Data-driven Decisions

In order to make data-driven decisions during a large organizational change process, you need complete data.


OrganizationWeaver was built to import data from many disparate sources (ERP, HCM, or Talent Management Systems) into one centralized database. This makes it easy for everyone involved in decision-making to have relevant data at their fingertips.


OrganizationWeaver is a robust solution built using Microsoft technologies, including Microsoft SQL Server, .NET, and Silverlight.

OrganizationWeaver makes it easy to export data automatically from SAP ECC 6.0, SAP R/3, and SAP ERP Human Capital Management.


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